American Identity


American identity is not always easy to define, after all the United States was founded by many different peoples who arrived in the New World for a variety of reasons.  Factor onto that immigration and the country is really a hodgepodge of different ethnic groups, races and nationalities, all living in the same land.  But every nation needs an identity.  What are the characteristics of American identity?  Are there a set of values that Americans hold in common?  Is it the English language that binds us together?  Is it a belief in freedom and democracy?  Or is it a belief in the legal and political system?  Is there a common religion or group of religions that draw in most Americans?  What is it that makes one feel allegiance to America?  What makes you feel American?  Conversely, are there American citizens that shouldn’t be considered American? 


This website is dedicated to trying to understand American identity in the 21st century.  We ask you to submit your views on what makes you American.  You can simple fill out the posted survey or you can upload any sort of content you wish such as images, videos, audio files or essays to describe what makes you American.